Andrew Karpenko is one of the main moderators for Doreen Virtue’s social media pages. He also co authored a book with her - Father Therapy.

In the book it says you may need father therapy if you have: “Discomfort with religious patriarchy, such as calling God Father or connecting with Jesus”.

Here’s another quote from the book:

When you’re afraid of, or angry with, your father, you may also disconnect from God the Creator. While God holds both maternal and paternal qualities, it’s traditional to think of God with the male pronoun He. Those with father wounds often opt for gender-neutral terms such as Source, Universe, or Creator.

When I emailed the students from Doreen’s Fairyologist class to let them know how I was wrongfully banned from her group for asking questions, Andrew also received my email. He told me that he had forwarded it to Michael Virtue who would give me a refund from the Fairyologist course. Michael gave me a refund and then I emailed Andrew and Michael asking for a refund for the Clairvoyance Therapy class.

Here is my email to Michael and Andrew:

Hi Michael,

I would also now like a refund for the Clairvoyance Therapy class please. I had actually forgotten I had purchased it until a friend reminded me about it.

I never watched the videos and now they are deleted from YouTube anyway since yesterday.

I would like a refund on the following grounds: 1) The teachings in the course are no longer valid as the teacher has denounced them 2) The unprofessionalism that Doreen has shown towards me means I want no more association with her

I am asserting my rights as a consumer as the course is not as promised. The paypal for the $22 I spent on the course is also X.

I am still awaiting an explanation for why I was banned from the Fairyologist group originally. I expect a public apology from Doreen. I feel that I was gaslighted on her forum and I am going to keep speaking up about it until I receive a public apology from her. This goes beyond “human frailties” for me.

I was also banned from Doreen Virtue’s official Facebook page without reason. Can you please explain how this is being open to other faiths and being a Christian?

Doreen has also stated on this weeks video that people have been sending “mean” emails to the Hay House CEO. I asked him and he said they have had no mean emails. She has gone further on social media to state that there are “angry” emails being sent to Hay House. I sent the CEO of Hay House a screenshot to let him know what was happening.

This email will also be shared publicly and I am sharing far and wide on social media all communications.

You also haven’t answered any of my questions from my last email.

Best wishes, Ursula

Michael never replied but Andrew did:

You don’t need to CC me about this.

I don’t have anything to do with refunds.

You have Michael’s email address.

All the best.

To which I replied:

Hi Andrew,

You are one of two admins on the Fairyologist Private Community group on Facebook. This is my third time asking why I was banned the day Doreen came onto the group to talk to her students. Doreen was also an admin that day. One of the three of you banned me and I would like to know why, as I see it as harassment.

I am asking for accountability as well as a refund. I’m not the only person who was banned.

I messaged Sherry on Facebook and had reply. Michael Virtue ignored my email.

Please know that I will keep asking until I receive an answer, otherwise I will escalate this issue in other ways.

Best wishes, Ursula

Andrew replied:

This is what Michael replied to someone else who requested a refund for the Fairyologist course.

He also said that he acknowledges that there is a lot of confusion going on right now.

Please just email Michael..



First regarding the Fairyologist course, thank you for bringing this up as I have been meaning to address this. For some reason students have come under the impression that Doreen has denounced the course and all of its content, when nothing of the sort has happened. In fact, Doreen has made every effort through her own social media posts to reassure all those taking the course, she still supports it and all its content. I did look into your purchase of the course and found that your purchase was completed almost 1 1/2 years ago. As you can probably imagine, most companies are not in a position to honor a full refund 18months after a purchase, but I do want to address your concern for some level of recompense. What we can offer is a coupon ($88 USD value) towards the purchase of any other courses/lectures offered on

You can see where Doreen denounced her works here.

I replied to Andrew:

Hi Andrew,

My question is not about refunds for Fairyologist. I already received a refund. My question is why I was banned from the Fairyologist group on Facebook. You, Sherry or Doreen banned me. I would like to know the reason why?

It was August 23rd 2017. I was also banned from Doreen Virtue’s Facebook fan page even though I didn’t comment on it. Can you tell me why as you are an admin there?

Please do not ignore my questions.

Best wishes, Ursula

Andrew replied:

It would be because of comments you posted.

Sherry and I don’t take screen shots of the offensive comments.. perhaps we should do that…

Doreen has strict rules on her pages.. Can you think of anything that you may have said that may have been offensive?

Remember that Facebook type is “flat”.. irony.. and edgy humour doesn’t translate very well..

I think it was when there posts about Doreen’s new direction.

If you posted things on her Facebook page like, “Give refunds to everyone etc..then that could be seen as offensive”.

I thought you weren’t supportive of Doreen’s new direction anyway..

I replied:

Hi Andrew,

I made a whole blog post because I actually took a log of any comments I thought could have caused me being banned. It was just after I asked if Doreen thought if the fairy goddesses Brigid and Dana were evil that I was banned. That’s the last thing I asked. So is that why I was banned?

I have no problem with Doreen’s new direction. She can believe whatever she likes. I have a problem with how I was banned from Fairyologist and that’s what started all this. It’s a matter of professionalism.

I also have a problem with her continuing to sell the Fairyologist course on her website even though she has denounced working with pagan and fairy goddesses. She told the Christian camp she does not work with anything but God and Jesus now but she is telling her former students otherwise. It’s the contradiction that is an issue.

It’s perfectly fine if she wants to continue to work with fairies and Jesus or if she only wants to work with Jesus, as long as she is transparent with both the Christian and New Age communities about it.

But if she is not working with fairies she should not be selling the course. If she is, there is no public proof of this since August 23rd.

I understand it must be really difficult for you to be caught up in the middle of this but please understand that my concerns are shared by a very wide audience, and listening to us may actually help Angel Therapy Inc. Ignoring us will likely make things more difficult.

Best wishes, Ursula

Andrew replied. This is when he got frustated.

Hi Ursula,

You are very literal in how you interpreted a lot of what Doreen has said.

She never said that the Deities were evil. She said that some Hindu Goddesses like Kali have different energies and that WEsterners may find them challenging to work with. That is very different to saying they are evil or low energy.

There were some very angry messages on the Fairyologist page..

Would you like it if I posted negative angry comments on your page? Or would you like to to disagree with what you write and say that you are wrong about things or that you have skewed things?

She works with the archangels as well..

Out of the whole Pantheon of Heaven…not worshipping Celtic Goddesses is hardly a denouncing..

She never worshipped them in the first place!

If you listened to Hayhouse radio she said that she loves and listens to Flower Fairies..

Have you never shifted, changed your beliefs? Have you never thought one way.. and then thought another way?

Have you never shifted your beliefs?

I certainly have!!!

That’s part of being human.. we are always learning and changing…

I disagree that you are actually helping, Ursula.. Can you give me one way you are “helping”.

I have an “edgy” side too.. when I feel like I have been mislead..Is that what you think? Do you feel like you have been ripped off?

I believe that Doreen has been open about everything..

You cannot know the details for Doreen’s finances..and her expenses..including the expenses with social media, websites, webmasters, vets etc.

At the end of the day, Doreen’s business is her business..

It would be like me looking at your receipt of yours from a shopping centre and then making comments on the state of your finances. I know Doreen on a person level. She has always walked her talk and she is upfront about things.. and yes, she is human as well!

Speaking of accountability.. it would be good if you could be accountable and admit that what you have written are your perceptions and interpretations on what Doreen has said.

I guess we all put a “spin” on things and we all have our different perspectives.

I actually don’t feel like I need to keep explaining and justifying everything all the time.

WE are all adults and we can all make up our own mind about things.

I have other things to do..

You have threatened legal action..that is a hostile thing to do..

I prefer not to communicate with you any longer.

I then received a second email from Andrew before I replied:

Ok, I think I have answered your questions.

I think that people have skewed what Doreen has said. I wonder if there are a lot of old wounds that came from what happened between the Christianity and Paganism?

I guess we all have an opinion don’t we.

I’m not interested in a who is right and who is wrong.. I think we need to search our own hearts and mind, Higher Self, Holy Spirit and ask about what is true for you.

As far I know.. Doreen never worshipped the Celtic Deities..She used to communicate with a lot of the spiritual realm.. I used to be awe of her abilities..

So, I don’t see things so black and white.. You can be a Christian and teach about Celtic mythology and the fairies in my opinion..

You can, in my opinion, run an animal sanctuary.. and bite off more that you can chew.. and then you have to do things differently.. That’s life!

I haven’t had any contact with the deities.. but I certainly have with the elemental realm.. They are powerful and helpful and they helped me to heal as well.

Anyway.. I would like to be at peace with all of this…

I wish peace for you to.

I replied:

Hi Andrew,

I feel that your emails are very emotional but I am willing to be patient with you and answer every one of your questions, because I know that this is a difficult time for you. It’s difficult to see a close business partner mess up their business which affects your own. I hope that you can move on and be successful in your own right.

Which of the messages that I posted was angry, can you point that out please? If I was at fault then I would know to behave myself in the future, but I do not believe I was at fault.

On the Celtic Goddesses - I don’t know if you have a copy of her “Goddess Guidance” deck, but I do. It says that she has personally connected with each of the Goddesses in the deck - this includes Dana (Danu) and Brigit (Brigid). Please do not insult my intelligence on this: these are three Celtic goddesses that as a person of strong Irish heritage and spirituality I know very well. Dana (Danu) is on the cover of the deck.

In the Ascended Masters deck there is a card for Epona, another fairy goddess. In the Ascended Masters deck it says that Doreen has personally connected with each of the energies. Doreen has told people to throw away the Ascended Masters deck. She told me it’s because she doesn’t want anyone worshiping any of them. This includes Epona. I’m just stating this as proof that she said she has worked with Celtic goddesses.

It’s perfectly fine to be Christian and teach about Celtic Mythology but Doreen has factual inaccuracies about Celtic Mythology so I think she is unqualified to teach it.

You are perfectly entitled to your own free speech and to disagree with me. Please come and engage in discussion on my Facebook page on my public posts.

I am helping Doreen’s students to receive justice for how they were treated. I am supporting them in their wishes. They are all lovely people.

Yes I do feel that I have been ripped off. If Doreen was being open she would answer the questions from her former students, but she ignores them and in fact, deletes any discerning comments from students, no matter how level headed and well written they are.

I am considering legal action because I have been ignored in my questions and harassed by Doreen on a public forum. Also there are countless students being ignored for refunds which they are entitled to from Angel Therapy Inc.

Perhaps looking at these videos where Doreen has denounced her previous work will also help you to understand what is happening: (especially at 12:17)

I frequently talk to fairies also and I am working on their behalf. I’m glad you do too.

The best thing you can do is be professional and honest with students.

I assume that the answer to why I was banned from the group is because I asked if Doreen thought the Celtic Goddesses are evil now?

Again I’m sorry you are having a difficult time with this but I believe everything happens for a reason and that you’ll find your right place within this.

Best wishes, Ursula

Andrew replied:

Because you are threatening legal action, I prefer not to communicate with you.

I have tried to help you.

I wish you well..

I replied:

You have still not answered my question about why I was banned from the Fairyologist group. I sent you all the comments. You can just let me know which one is was and then my question is answered.

I have no interest in legal action if everyone who wants a refund is issued a refund and there is a public apology from Doreen Virtue herself to both myself and Lisa Eddy (by name).

Thank you, Ursula

At this point, Michael Virtue replied to me:

Doreen Virtue LLC, Angel Therapy Inc, Angel Podcasts, and its affiliates are not in a position to offer refunds. We appreciate your concerns and wish to convey to you that all of your certificates are still valid, as the information is still relevant, regardless of Doreen’s personal path. What the above entities are prepared to do is offer a coupon for a discount off of future products released by said companies. For details about this coupon offer, please contact Doreen will continue to offer updates via her social media channels.


Doreen Virtue LLC

I replied to Michael:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply. If you are not issuing refunds, then why did I receive a reimbursement for the Fairyologist course? Other people have also received refunds from you.

I do not want a coupon because I have no intention to buy anything from one of your companies because of how I was/am being treated.

I would still like to know why I was banned from the Fairyologist page and the Doreen Virtue Facebook page. Andrew stopped answering me about it even though I sent him a log and asked him to point out which comment caused me to be banned.

This has nothing to do with Doreen’s spiritual path, this is a matter of professionalism. The credibility of her courses has declined and my clients and friends no longer see her training as credible. Luckily I’ve had training elsewhere but I can’t say the same for a lot of students I am in contact with.

The students are very upset and the best thing you can do is to be honest now.

I’m sorry that this seems to be going on longer than necessary but I can’t keep quiet when my friends are upset and none of us feel like we’ve had any accountability.

Best wishes, Ursula

I never received a reply from Michael Virtue.

The next morning I woke up to many emails from Andrew and two comments on my blog.

First he sent me 7 consecutive emails:


First it seems Andrew did a quick Google and said that Brigid is not a goddess but is a saint (this is not true for pagans of course):

It seems your Celtic Goddess has merged with a Christian Saint.. Interesting…


I would of course, gladly take Goddess Brigid with me to court…

That is an example where things aren’t clear.. That old traditions merge with newer ones..

Christianity and Paganism are not mutually exclusive..

I think this point can be brought in court.


It doesn’t matter how much we explain.. you are still aren’t happy with our replies..

I don’t see things as black and white..

I think that theology and paganism have a lot of wisdom to share..


The email chat that you posted without my consent is a betrayal my confidence.

I don’t appreciate you doing that..


This is a person who claims to be able to solve your psychological issues with your father.

A lot of what you are saying is your perception… you claim that you are on the side of truth.

A lot of the points you put in your blogs can be easily refuted as speculative.

Well… let’s see what is truth?

There is your truth.. their is Doreen’ Truth.. there is God’s Truth… There is Your Truth!!!!

We all have difference versions of truth.


He’s talking about the blog post I linked. I did that because I was ignored after being banned from a group I paid to be in. Also the chat was posted in a group of 3000+ people.

I am currently looking into the legality of you posting a private chat I had with you in your blog.

I think it is unethical behaviour.


I guess we can all get on our “high horse” can’t we?

After this, he left two comments on my blog. Here they are with my replies:

Comment 1

You are going beyond seeking answers to your questions.. We have given you answers and you haven’t been satisfied with what we have explained to you. Your posting about Doreen’s business and staff dealing is portraying us very negatively. I am making legal inquiries too.. this fits the definition of Defamation.

9 Spreading false or damaging information about you

If a person reveals information about you to another person or a group of people, and that information would cause others to think less of you, this may be considered defamation and could be against the law. > For more information about this, see our Defamation page.

My reply:

Hi Andrew,

I still do not know which comment had me banned from the Fairyologist group. All of the comments I made are outlined here.

I am just telling the truth.

Thank you for your thoughts!

Best wishes, Ursula

Comment 2

What? I can’t just say what I like on this Forum??? I have to wait for my comment to be approved? Wow… you were complaining about this sort of thing on Doreen’s FB pages and groups..

My reply:

Hi Andrew!

By default my CMS requires approval. It’s the best solution for most blogs on the Internet these days to mitigate spam. I’m approving your comments of course, this is an open forum, and as you can see I’ve responded to critical comments already here.

I was complaining about comments being deleted on Doreen’s Facebook page and groups, when people are asking clear and grounded questions.

Best wishes, Ursula

At this point, he sent two more emails. I had replied to his comments on my blog so I did not reply to those emails. I did not think they merited a response either as I found them quite rude and condescending.


Defamation…. interesting…

9 Spreading false or damaging information about you

If a person reveals information about you to another person or a group of people, and that information would cause others to think less of you, this may be considered defamation and could be against the law. For more information about this, see our Defamation page.


I’m making a few legal inquiries myself

I haven’t heard from Andrew since, so I guess he will not be taking me to court.

Do you still think Andrew is qualified to help you heal your father issues?